Tips and Tricks to Make your Shower Glass Shining Clean


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Shower glass is the embodiment of beauty in a bathroom as it distinguishes the shower area from the rest of the bathroom, helps to keep the flooring dry and also adds an amazing lusture to your decor owing to its elegance and transparency. But a stained and etched shower glass door , on the other hand, makes your bathrooms look disgusting, dirty and unhygienic. Stains can be of dirt, soap scum, hard water dots and even etching. These appear on your shower glass doors after every use. So how can you make your glass shining clean? And even if you do, how can you ensure that it remains stain free? Here are some tips and tricks to make and keep your shower glass shining clean .

Understand the Common Stains Affecting Shower Glass:

  • Some people get hard water in their taps. This water has calcium and mineral deposits which leave a whitish stain on the surface as soon as the water evaporates. Removing hard water stains is not only tough, but they also reappear with every use.
  • Soap scum is another nagging issue that affects glass surfaces in a shower. This scum settles on the surface making the door look very dirty and unmaintained.
  • If you have used an acidic cleaner on your glass door before, you might notice etching on the surface which also degrades the look of the glass.
So, are you looking for an ultimate cleaning solution that will impart a dazzling shine to your shower glass? Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.
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