The Urtopia e-bike is basically a computer on wheels.


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Bicycle electrification has a historical meaning: a bicycle, but with an electric motor. You may find other smart amenities. in the high-end version But usually "less is more" is usually that way, Urtopia, the latest e-bike brand from China. have other ideas Its debut is one of the most technologically advanced bikes we've ever seen on paper.

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The spec sheet reads more like a phone than a next-gen fixie.

For example, in addition to a 250W hub motor with three driving assistance systems. It has a built-in dot matrix screen, fingerprint reader, GPS, 4G (via eSIM), mmWave sensor for vehicle detection, integrated alarms and … the list goes on.

The car has a striking aesthetic that doesn't hide the fact that this is probably the most technologically advanced model you'll see this year. The frame was designed by BMW and IKEA veteran Mathis Heller and combines pure curves and race lines.

The stealth bomber look is further enhanced with all the cables hidden from view inside the frame. The Urtopia squeals like a city bike. And while the (removable) battery isn't very noticeable, it's no doubt the most casual glance where you're not using a regular analog pedal.
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