SoundCloud's Playback Collects Your Favorite Jam From 2021


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Now that everyone you know on social media has shared their one-year review of Spotify Wrapped, SoundCloud wants you to know that it also includes a history of what you listened to in the last 11 months. starting today You can access “Your 2021 Plays” as a personalized playlist containing the tracks you play the most in 2021. Since we're talking about this,

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SoundCloud has a different feel to the playlist. Wrapped Up Your 2021 List If you open the platform to listen to the latest music from artists like BabySantana and Polo G, there's a good chance they're here.That's not the only way you can look back at your listening history. Hidden Gems, a new personalized playlist. Highlight tracks that you may have overlooked or missed since January.

Additionally, SoundCloud Go and Go+ members can view a list of the artists they support through the company's recently launched listener-based royalty system on YouTube. Coming soon, finally, there's The SoundCloud Play, which records the years listed in SoundCloud from the platform level. There, you can see things like the artists with the most commented songs, and more.
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