shock! The Hubble Telescope tracks the collision of the "Running Man" Nebula.


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Just as in space, where baby stars in nebula parts or gas clouds create a series of powerful shock waves visible in the new Hubble Space Telescope images.
Hubble is on the hunt for how young stars influence their environment. And this image of Herbic-Haro (HH)

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45 provides a lot of evidence. (To go all This "startup" object is embedded in a nebula known as NGC 1977, which is part of the larger "Running Man" group of three nebulae. So you can see that this is a rather complex neighborhood that The stars are growing)

In HH45, what we're seeing here is a rare nebula phenomenon that occurs after emerging stars spew out hot gas, NASA noted. at hundreds of miles per second It caused a strong shock wave,” agency officials wrote in a statement.

The Hubble image shows two sets of ionized gases glowing as the collision pulls charged electrons from their atoms. Blue represents ionized oxygen. while purple represents ionized magnesium. “Researchers are particularly interested in these elements because they can be used to determine impact and ionization fronts.
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