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Three years back, we had Don C and Jerry Lorenzo type of guide the NBA 2K21 MT Coins way as our two brands. We just saw that people actually liked wearing these brands in our game and trying to stand out. So then we wanted to provide them more options, but we also wanted to become a platform for aspirational individuals in the fashion world, so you while we'd Don, who is obviously extremely built-out already, we kind of took a flyer on Chinatown Market annually -- and obviously they've turned into a massive new in the previous couple of years. Tracey is actually a really good example as well.

Tracey is very famous in the basketball world, but his brand is not as known and we have to be aspirational and believe in their own growth. I wished to provide him the opportunity to get Visitor On Earth in the match. It is a way for these guys to find out like, hey if it does well in the game, perhaps I got to think about it releasing it outside in the actual world. That is an innovative idea process: to leverage the digital then make the physical without even having to spending a great deal of money looking for out whether it's going to work or not. I think it's pretty brilliant.

Even getting someone like Zack Bia into the match was in-touch. Yeah that's another very great example. I mean, you wouldn't think of Zack as a traditional basketball influencer, but I kind of thought about registering him a couple of years ago because I knew that we were between all these fashion brands. We signed a few guys in the world, that are famous in the fashion world and not in the basketball world. If we can get them to wear stuff in How to buy mt in nba 2k21 games and also be a connector for their people -- such as Zack's really near Drake -- it encourages the growth of style in the game.
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