Can green energy drive Africa's future?


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As people around the world are looking for slot ways to get more green energy. and reducing C02 emissions ahead of the COP26 climate summit across Africa. The challenges are quite different.For many people across the continent Accessing energy sources is a challenge. About 600 million people in Africa have no energy to use. It limits your ability to start and run a business.

even in big cities Of South Africa and Nigeria, businesses still have to deal with power outages. So governments, entrepreneurs and innovators are working to solve this problem.In Ghana, the country's Ministry of Energy says more than 80% of the population has access to electricity from the country's grid. But reaching those in remote communities is a challenge.

Therefore, countries use microgrids. which is an independent power system that serves a specific area To provide low cost clean energy which is powered by solar and wind energy to remote communities.In Pediatokope, an island community along the Volta River in Ghana, owner Eric Pupulampu was delighted. His business was helped because he could now stock and sell cold drinks and perishable food. Thanks to the microgrid project, he gave him the power to keep his freezer running.

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But the challenge isn't just in the countryside. because big cities There are power issues too.About 15 million people live in Lagos in Nigeria. making it one of Africa's busiest cities. But urban power sources are unstable and unsafe.This unreliability means that most people who have access to electricity from the grid still have to use alternative energy sources. Most of which are gasoline and diesel generators.
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