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    SoundCloud's Playback Collects Your Favorite Jam From 2021

    Now that everyone you know on social media has shared their one-year review of Spotify Wrapped, SoundCloud wants you to know that it also includes a history of what you listened to in the last 11 months. starting today You can access “Your 2021 Plays” as a personalized playlist containing the...
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    The Urtopia e-bike is basically a computer on wheels.

    Bicycle electrification has a historical meaning: a bicycle, but with an electric motor. You may find other smart amenities. in the high-end version But usually "less is more" is usually that way, Urtopia, the latest e-bike brand from China. have other ideas Its debut is one of the most...
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    LG Appoints New CEO to Head of Troubled Electronics Division

    LG Appoints New CEO to Lead Electronics Business Starting Dec. 1, the current Chief Strategy Officer, William Cho, will replace Bong-seok Kwon as CEO of LG Electronics. Meanwhile, according to The Korea Herald, Kwon will head the main holding company. of LG Cho has been working with LG...
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    Chinese government occupies Evergrande Stadium

    Government agencies have taken over the China Group's soccer stadium. Evergrande to sell the stadium, a person with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters. As the debt-bearing property developer struggles to pay off the debt Whether it's different payout rates of the เอ็กโอ วอลเลท game...
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    Can green energy drive Africa's future?

    As people around the world are looking for slot ways to get more green energy. and reducing C02 emissions ahead of the COP26 climate summit across Africa. The challenges are quite different.For many people across the continent Accessing energy sources is a challenge. About 600 million people in...
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